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Cannot login to Help and Learning (support) -- Help!



I'm looking to file a bug report, but quite ironically I'm running into a problem logging into the support website.  Every time I login I get logged out. It's almost a comedy, if it weren't so frustrating.

Here are the steps I take, which faithfully reproduce the bug:

1.  Start from the webclient, https://www.evernote.com/Home.action.  Note I'm using the "new-ish" client, not the new beta, although I don't think it would matter.

2.  Under the "ball" icon at lower left, I select "Help and Learning" from the menu, and am redirected to https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us.  

3. On that page, I select either "Send us an email", or "Log in to Help & Learning".  (It seems strange to me that although I was logged into evernote via the webclient, I'm not logged in here.)

4. Quite unexpectedly, after clicking either button in #3, I am redirected to a page https://evernote.com/logged-out/?logout&uid=2079, which of course says that I've logged out.

5. I can log in again, and an deposited in the webclient, where I can continue the loop from #1 above.  Each time, logged out as I try to reach support.

Some notes:

I've tested Linux Chrome and Firefox, MacOS Chrome, Android Chrome.  Incognito/private modes too, in order to avoid any cached data or cookies.  As well, I've tried logging in with SSO (Google) and normal Evernote credentials.  Consistent results across all permutations.  Same issue when starting from the MacOS client and selecting "Help and Learning" from the dropdown which then brings up a browser.

I'd love to submit this defect and speak/chat with support about it, but ironically it's precisely my ability to contact support that's the problem!

[I've been a Premium user for years, have nearly 30K notes, and have used Evernote since it was the "continuous roll" desktop app.]

How can I contact support?


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