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(Archived) My Desktop client is suddenly several months out of sync



How do I go about getting it to re sync with my iphone and the web client. I'm worried about the desktop client overwriting several months worth of notes. This just seemed to happen for no apparent reason last night. The only thing I can't think of that might have triggered it is my wife putting the Evernote client on her iPad and syncing with my account.

What is the procedure to delete everything on my desktop client prior to doing a syncronization?

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First, confirm that all of the data that you need is on the web service if you log on via a browser.

IF it is:

Please try moving your Evernote database directory so that Evernote will regenerate a new local database by copying your notes back down from the service. To do this:

1. Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the menu bar.

2. In the finder, open the "Library" folder in your home directory. (This is in the directory with your name, NOT at the top level of your hard drive.)

3. Navigate to "Application Support"

4. Move the "Evernote" folder from that location to a different place (like the desktop)

5. Start Evernote, provide your username and password again if needed

This will synchronize all of your notes from the service and create a new local database.

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If the web client is current & your wife newly downloaded EN yesterday & sync'd to your existing account, that should not have caused a loss of several months worth of data. She would have simply been downloading what was on the EN servers. If your desktop client was current a couple of days ago, what sounds more likely is someone restored an old database.

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Thanks for step by step engberg. It is sync'ing now.

BurnersNFries, I agree, it seems like I would have had to restored an old database, but I have absolutely no idea how that would have happened. I've been under deadlines for major projects and not messing with any file organization. Oh well. Must have been the dog. He's sometimes uses my laptop to look at poodle porn behind my back. :-) Thanks again all for the help.

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Must have been the dog. He's sometimes uses my laptop to look at poodle porn behind my back. :-)

:( I had to have our credit cards changed b/c one day, Mr. UPS man stopped out front, got out a dolly & rolled up what looked to be a good portion of Petsmart's inventory. :shock:

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