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Purging a Notebook

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I have a notebook which is purely used for logs. It get send several logs a day by email and this has been happening for some time now and the notebook is very slow to search in Windows with nearly 20,000 entries.

I am not interested in anything more than a few weeks old.

Is there a way I can purge away old content, ideally by some setting or script I can run.

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1 hour ago, GrimRob said:

Is there a way I can purge away old content, ideally by some setting or script I can run.


Which device/platforms do you have access to?   
I use a Mac with Applescript; also multi-select and block delete396854572_ScreenShot2020-09-09at3_17_10PM.png.c37da400d5f40035b02b80bedbd08b00.png

In Windows, sort by date; multi-select; block delete

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41 minutes ago, GrimRob said:

Problem is the notebook is so slow to load. It world take a very long time to do what you suggest. What I really want is a way of doing it without having to open it in the UI. 

How about a search     notebook:aaaaaaaa created;yyyymmdd   
to get a smaller set of notes to work with

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Actually I tried your first idea. Although it was monumentally slow searching through 20,000 entries (even on a SSD drive) it was quite quick to select and delete them, quicker than I thought it would be. I am down to 8000 records now. Searching seems quite slow still but has definitely improved.

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You could interrupt the purging, and rebuild the search index meanwhile.

On a Mac, it is hold down the opt/alt key before clicking on Help. On Windows it is strg (if I remember correctly)  before clicking on help.

This adds new options to the help menu, among which are options to rebuild the search index.

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