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Gmail Filter- Send Emails to Specific Notebook?

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Hi everyone, Ive been using Evernote for as long as I can remember, but Im new to this forum.  Anyway, I have a question.

About two years ago I created a gmail filter that filters emails from two specific senders to my Evernote email address.  From there, it gets dumped into my default notebook and I have to go through the process of selecting the notes and moving them to the proper notebook.  Emails from both senders go to the same notebook.

I have done some research and while it appears that I can assign a specific notebook or tag when forwarding a single email to Evernote, I cannot assign a specific notebook or email in a gmail filter.  

I then read about several services that people used to assign a notebook, but it seems like all these services either compromised the quality of the note itself (converting it to plain text) or just didn't work at all.

I thought about creating an integration on Zapier or IFTTT, but before I do that, I want to make sure there hasn't been an update that has allowed us to assign a specific notebook in the gmail filter. 

If it is possible for me to create a gmail filter that assigns what notebook the emails should go to, please let me know how to do that?

If this is not possible,  are there are any workarounds or services that work the same as the native email integration, please let me know.

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Hi.  I use Gmail too,  and I have several classes of email being forwarded to my account,  where they are sorted automatically into several notebooks with appropriate tags added along the way.  The key is a third-party freemium service https://filterize.net

There are a couple of options: 

Filterize will assign an individual email address to each one of your notebooks,  and it's possible to use that in Gmail to forward emails directly.  However the forwarding interface in Gmail is not well laid out - the email addresses are long and unfriendly, and if you have several it's a pain to work out which address to use for each filter. PLUS Gmail requires that you receive a request and approve the forwarding process each time.  Again if you have a lot of notebooks,  the overhead is... unworkable.  

OR.  Filterize will operate an IFTTT-style filter on new notes.  If your note contains <this string> it will then apply <this/ these tags> and move it to <this notebook>. 

One note can hold a table of any number of these variables,  and Filterize will check the lookup list in column 1,  and apply the tags from column 2 and move the note to the notebook in column 3.  This is called "Parameterisation".  I'm not sure how much of that is available in the free service - I'm now a subscriber there and have been for some while.

All my redirected Gmail gets sent directly to my main Evernote account address,  and sorted from there.

FWIW I have other filters running in Filterize too,  so that some received emails get tags which send them to filing,  whereas others get priority tags so that I'll take a look at them sooner rather than later.   

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