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actual / new web-frontend doesn't sync without logout in chrome

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Since only a few days my (new) evernote-web-version in chrome, evernote-web V6.18.0, only shows older notes (7th of september and older).

My newer Notes are only visible if I change to the old evernote-web-version or if I use my Ipad, my android-Phone or my windows client.

So sync in generally works and it seems to be a problem in or with the actual new web version.

Reload etc. doesn't help


Anybody knows how to solve the problem?


original problem SOLVED with manual logout and new login, but still the question remains how to secure update note lists without time-spending checking out with logout and login...

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I have noticed this too. Exactly how you describe it, I found that refreshing the web page failed to recify the issue and as you say it can only be solved by logging out and back in again. This started with the last update v6.18 which appears to have broken a lot of things including remembering sort order of notes. 

For those of us that use Chromebook this is frustrating since we don't have much choice, I do have the Android app installed on my Chromebook which I tend to use more than the web app but that is very buggy. 

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I have the same sync-problem once again, but only with new web-UI in my chrome browser: sync is frozen with last note from 9th september (there are quite al lot younger notes...)
If I open evernote web with new web-UI in my vivaldi browser I get all notes, even the the freshest, only a few minutes ago.

I guess, this could be a cache-problem? Probably lots of header and meta-infos like title, date edit, tags and so on might be locally saved in cache for fast response. (have you seen the update progress in waves, when you open for web browser after a cpule of days? note-header infos seem to be synced and updated in groups or waves..)

If this would be a bug in a kind of check-load-update-check-load-update-progress, the web-UI-sync may freeze like we see.

additional infos:

  • frozen again with note up to the September 7th
  • solved again in Chrome with logout and login on September 17th

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