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I have free evernote account. Today I was using it from 5 PM Indian standard time. Since around 6 PM its not saving the note and now not even loading (on google chrome).

I checked into mobile app maybe some issue on web site and even on app its not synced too, means its not even getting saved. I had important note saved which am unable to recall it now.

Also unable to login now since the note stopped at around 6. later I tried on microsoft edge and it got logged in but nothing saved since 6 pm.

Can you help me on it? I have not closed that tab ( of google chrome through which I was making notes) hoping it will get saved in some more time. Tried to contact evernote and found only paid users can. disapponited.

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Hi. If your app was unable to save to Evernote,  then the company would be unable to help you recover data which was never sent to your account. I don't know why you would have had issues with connecting to the servers, but the note is most likely lost.    

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There is a web site where you can check the EN server status:


They document backward server issues, like maintenance, new releases etc., so you can check if anything was going on at the time you had problems. It is very rare that they are completely down, usually they are a little slow, but nothing serious. It is by far more frequent to have a network issue somewhere on the way to the server, than an EN server issue.

When on the web client, make sure to refresh frequently. If there is a problem, you can always copy the content of your note to a local resource, like a text editor or the file system. But once you close the tab or leave the browser session, your data that has not reached the server will be lost.

If data has reached the EN server, there is a note history available for paying users. By this tool you can go back to older versions of the note. What is important: This feature runs in the background for ALL accounts. If there is something important overwritten, you can subscribe for a single month, open note history, and get your content back. This works unless a note has been deleted AND deleted again by emptying the trash, or deleting it individually from the trash.

For all serious work I propose using a desktop client, that has its own local data base even when the internet may not be available.

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