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We need more, and *nested* Shortcuts/ Favourites, or copyable links.

Steve Almond


I currently have 17 shortcuts, divided into four groups by "headers" (shortcuts to empty tags, e.g. `=== daily planning ===` , `=== current initiatives ===`).

I'd like to be able to nest & minimise shortcuts, similar to tags. Then I could click to only show the daily-planning shortcuts during my daily planning session, my work shortcuts at work, etc.

FWIW, I'm using Evernote on Windows & Android.

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My idea is pretty much what it says in the title,  but the explanation for why may take a little while...

  1. On a Windows desktop shortcuts / favourites can show up in the sidebar,  in the toolbar,  or in a separate bar as below1
  2. In the sidebar they expand (up to 100) into a rambling panel of mixed titles.  In the two toolbar options it's very easy to overflow the right-hand side of the screen if you have too many entries.  Scanning down a long list,  or opening the overflow list takes extra time and keystrokes.
  3. As you should be able to tell from the sidebar pic,  I'm using some colours and non-standard characters to show the type or importance of shortcut as well as a name.  For a longer and more detailed (and still confusing) explanation of my new system see my blog (and learn my 'secret identity'): How to manage your notes2
  4. This helps in finding the right shortcut,  because I can move dashboards and projects into their own groups.
  5. Despite using a LOT more notebooks than before (I had about 5 at one stage:  I'm now up to 240) I have far less admin to do, and find it far easier to find and review topics as necessary.
  6. As 4,  I have shortcuts to some dashboard notes and to some project notebooks - but it would be great if I could nest shortcuts under those headings,  rather than just list them.  I'd have about a dozen 'stacks' of shortcuts that I could easily navigate and expand3.
  7. Now I appreciate that the coding may not allow shortcut nesting of any sort, so the alternative would be to generate a copyable link so I can create a dashboard note to act as my index.
  8. Oh - and that 100 limit?  It's actually not too bad,  but it would be nice to have the freedom to go a little further if necessary - say 250??
  9. I'm sure I've seen,  but can't currently find,  requests for more shortcuts and copyable links,  but this (I think) is the first request for them to be nestable.
  10. If you agree any of this is a good idea,  PLEASE VOTE (top left of the page - hit the UP arrow)!

Thankyouverymuch (in my Elvis voice).

Evernote's current help page on Shortcuts: How to create shortcuts

1 Sidebar:


1 Same shortcuts as a separate toolbar:


2 I'll be reviewing and adding the blog explanation in my 'free time' in the next months or so (it's a work in progress) - I'll aim for a more... informative... and digestable presentation!

3 The reason for the 'shortcut test 1 & 2' shortcuts was to try dragging one on top of the other to create a stack.  It doesn't work... 😕

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On 9/3/2020 at 4:17 AM, gazumped said:

I have shortcuts to some dashboard notes

I upvoted, but
I think the best practice is a few shortcuts to dashboard notes, not an expanded shortcut list

With dashboard notes, we can apply focus, nesting, formatting etc     
This would be the perfect solution except that we can't link to saved searches

So, I would redirect the request to https://discussion.evernote.com/foru ms/topic/100208-links-to-tags-notebooks-stacks-and-saved-searches/

edit; shortcut limit is 250, saved search is 100

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2 hours ago, DTLow said:

I think the best practice is a few shortcuts to dashboard notes, not an expanded shortcut list   

Doh!!  You may very well be right...  Please excuse me while I go kick something inanimate and test this out....    :huh:


Ah yes - but you are also right that we can't link to searches.  A dashboard can't link to a generic notebook, only to a specific note link; and part of my process is to go look at a notebook in (pre-optioned) title - therefore date - order to get the latest news and  developments. 

I already voted your quoted link up.  We'll have to see what happens when the new apps get launched...

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You can add a stack to the shortcuts list so some level of the tech is there, if not in the right place.  This may fall on deaf ears with all the "new" going on.  Upvoted in any case.  I could use some nested shortcuts for the less frequently used.

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