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(Archived) ClipUpload - Local Clipboard to Evernote feature?


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Does Evernote offer any way to send clipboard text and images to notebooks without having to save the file or run the full Evernote client?

I found this fantastic little tool called ClipUpload that runs in your windows tray. It automatically FTPs your text or image from your clipboard to an FTP site you define. Might not be the best fit for evernote, but the concept of clipboard to Evernote without the full client would be pretty awesome I think. Clip something locally, press one button, get prompted for a Title and submit .. and Bam! - you've got a notebook item. One cool feature in their product is that it returns the URL of the image or text file. It would be nice if an evernote feature also returned the public url link to the Evernote entry submitted. The idea being that you could use evernote not just to organize all your stuff quickly, but also to share it at the same time.

Perhaps just dreaming a little bit - but it's technically possible and that would really set Evernote apart - IMHO.

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From the Mac, there's a hotkey for "Paste to Evernote" and from Windows, there's a "clip current selection to Evernote" hotkey (default: Win+A).

But there's no such option if you haven't installed our desktop application on your computer.

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