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Offline note disappeared after sync

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I have 2 devices associated with the account: Android phone and iPad.

a small note was created on. Phone.
another note was created offline on iPad and it had a lot if content, including photos.

After iPad came online and synced, offline note disappeared without a trace. It does not show up in trash, in any other note, not on devices, and not on the web, as if it was never existed. I had restarted iPad, just in case, that had no effect.

I had lost  lot of important information created offline. Is there any hope of recovering it?
This is a very strange behavior for the sync, to say the least.



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3 hours ago, Xyz12345 said:

This is a very strange behavior for the sync, to say the least.

Sounds pretty much what would be expected.  Your Android note would be synced to your account on the server.  Your older, iPad note would be synced to the same account,  which compares time stamps to see which note version it should prioritise.  The offline note is older,  so would have been overwritten by the Android version. 

It's possible,  if your offline note was actually synced to the server,  that it still exists in Note History,  which is a subscriber-only feature.  If the content is important it may be worth upgrading your account for a month or two to gain access.  Subscribers also have access to email support,  which might help you to recover the data.

Before you do that however,  your account may have registered two different versions of the note and saved one as a 'conflicting change'.  It's worth checking by signing in to the server account via Evernote.com.

It is always best to work on only one device at a time,  syncing the device both before you start and after you finish.

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No, it does not makes sense, sorry. 

Maybe I did not explained it clearly enough.

I had created a note on the phone, say ‘to do checklist’ with items to check. It was not on my ipad,

Then I went on site with unconnected ipad (it has a wifi only, connected to home network). On remote site, I had created a completely different offline note. Documented ton of stuff, and took pictures. Looked at it while I was Traveling back, it was OK. Note, this offline note was created AFTER the note on phone, and it is a different note altogether.

After I arrived back home and connected ipad to the wifi, I found phone-originated ‘to do checklist’, and ... NO offline note, to my dismay. Entire day of work wasted. Yes, I checked trash, nothing. Logged into web account, as evernote help suggested, nothing. Nothing in trash but old notes. No ‘conflicting changes’ notes present. Nothing in old notes. All notes sorted by creation date-, or change date- show nothing new, but the phone-originated note.

Just FYI, I am a software engineer, so I looked quite thoroughly.

Given all this, you still stating this is a reasonable behavior? Really?

Also, on a tangent, while I was taking the offline note, I’ve noticed an annoying behavior: taking picture in the note, this gives choice ‘use picture’, ‘retake’, or discard. But if you happen to screen-lock ipad, this automatically discard current unconfirmed picture. This is very unfortunate, since if you forget to click ‘use picture’, it will be gone, but the moment is lost forever. Picture not always can be just retaken. It should probably stay in choice.  Well, this is a moot point given that I’ve lost everything,.



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5 hours ago, Xyz12345 said:

Given all this, you still stating this is a reasonable behavior? Really?

Nope - I didn't understand that we were talking about different notes.  I'm not an iPad user, so can't really comment on your note disappearing - it sounds like a sync issue,  but I don't know how things should normally work in that situation.  I'll leave it to one of my Apple-using colleagues to comment!

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I assume (just my best guess) that the note was not saved to the offline EN client on the iPad. Probably the note was open when the iPad was shut down, or EN got terminated in the background by iOS. Since iOS 13 background activity ist pretty restricted.

In these cases the note gets lost. It would have been saved to the app memory when a) the note was closed and (for additional safety) b) the EN app was closed prior to shutting things down.

This is a known issue with the iOS client that needs to be fixed by EN.

Data not saved in that moment is lost, sorry.

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7 minutes ago, conundrum22 said:

This ***** is still happening in 2023. It is a basic expectation to save what ever we offline to be saved in the app. hence we use the native apps. 

Hi.  Even the 'old' evernote team had rewritten the app a couple of time in the past 3 years wince this thread was live,  and the new owners have had their own go since.

Whilst clearly you have experienced some kind of glitch,  please confirm your device,  OS,  Evernote app version and give us a bit more information about what exactly happened to cause your concern?

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