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Evernote displaying weird on browser

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Hi all,

For the last few weeks, when I log into Evernote via my browser (Chrome), the screen I see looks quite a bit different from what I am used to. I don't have the black vertical bar on the very left of the screen. And my font is weird. And I can no longer copy and paste images into a note. I have to save it as a file somewhere and then add as an attachment. I love Evernote but am really unhappy with this. I sort of think this is a setting issue on my end. Almost like I am in a mobile version of the site. See the two attachments - the first is how my screen looks and the second is what I was used to (just a screen shot of the default evernote page before you log on). Any idea what is going on here? Please help!

Attachment #1.PNG

Attachment #2.PNG

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