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Shane D.

Issues with Evernote Points

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Hi All,

We've seen reports from users that they are unable to redeem their Evernote Points.

If you are experiencing issues with Evernote Points, please contact us by opening a support ticket here:

If you are unable to open a support ticket, please notify us on this thread and we will reach out directly:

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any other questions!.

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I tried to redeem my points to update my account, but I can't redeem my points. When I use the link in the email, I am redirected to a different page.

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Erase a note by accident

Excuse me by accident I deleted a very extreme important note this morning Id like to know if there is a way I can recover my note! Please can anybody help me with this? Please let me know How can a I recover my note

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Points referral

Evernote keeps crashing 10 times a day for me. But this one time, i accidentally blanked the note just before the crash. So i can't Undo as usual as the Note crashed.

So, i decided to go for Premium by points referral. I referred to user and the person got Premium. But i did not!

Please help.


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Hi all,

Thanks for letting me know! I'll be reaching out to you all directly with further information!

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