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(Archived) Feature - Mini-calendars

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I've used several journal apps on my mac that all have similar interfaces. One feature that I miss from these apps with switching to evernote (for its syncing capabilities of course) is the mini-calendars in the sidebar. Dates in the Calendars that have notes are usually bold.

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Evernote's focus is not to be a journal app or a calendar app. It's focus is to be a repository for information from various sources & allow you to find that information quickly.

I (mostly) agree with this, BUT I think the interface the original poster described would help find notes in that repository more quickly and is a valid idea that fits perfectly within Evernote's purpose.

Evernote offers lots of ways to find your notes (full text search, location search, etc.). Date search is just another way to zero in on a set of notes. Some kind of calendar interface to help with that would be useful. (for instance, i click on a particular date and EN finds the notes created on that date).

You can already do this with the attributes search, but a visual calendar would make it easier. Would just give another way to browse through notes and find stuff, much like the tag tree gives you an easy way to find and browse your notes.

(I think EN 2.x had the ability to bring up a calendar, and when you clicked a date, it would scroll the "tape" of notes to the notes on that date...it was a helpful way to navigate and one that I miss).

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