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tap and hold on link does nothing

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Hello, I frequently copy paste various URLs for interesting articles I read in my Evernote notes.

The problem on the phone is that if I want to send this link to somebody, I need to select it and copy it. That is a tricky task to do however, because tap and hold on such a link only makes a short buzz but no menu appears! If I do tap and hold on a piece of plain text I get the menu cut/copy/paste and so on, but not on the link directly. So I always need to do this weird workaround by tapping on some text around and then adjusting the highlighted selection to select the link only and then I can tap "copy" because the menu stays that way. I wouldn't be able to copy the link if that would be the only text in the note however... The other way to do it is also to enter edit mode but that causes the virtual keyboard to slide up and I don't always want that to happen and take my screen space if the note is long and I am searching for something there.

please check and fix this in next version.

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Hi.  I have an Android tablet and a 'phone,  and on both,  pressing on the screen gives me some markers that it's reasonably easy to move back and forth... my phone has a stylus,  and I use a third party version on the tablet - or if you could save each URL in a separate note it might be easier to share the notes rather than the individual lines of text. 

Don't know how this translates to iOS,  but 'fixing' Android inherently means bringing this behaviour in all OS's into line the logistics might be agin it...

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I would hope that since @McVitas posted here they are using Android not iOS?

To me, editing text on devices is a paradox. On the one hand, it should be universal across all OS's. On the other, text editing is so "micro-intensive" (a gaming term) that each device maker comes up with a very optimized interface that sometimes requires special handling by app makers. Text editing might be a case where EN *should* intentionally deviate from their otherwise worthy goal of having the app work exactly the same way on all OS's.

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1 hour ago, McVitas said:

Can anybody confirm what happens on iOS Evernote if you open a note and long tap on a link? Without going into edit mode with on screen keyboard!

For web links, longpress on my iPad displays these two dialog boxes   
iPhone might be different


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