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Hi, I have been using this account since 2018 and recently shifted to my new phone (note: both are android phones); but when i first login to evernote, the system detect my gmail as new, and I have stupidly click "create" button 😞... So the account is a blank new account now...

And furthermore I thought the system does not allow 2 devices to access the account, so I sign out from my old phone...

So now, that is my sadness to lost all the important notes stored in old phone =-(   

Anyone here may help me pleaseee...

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Hi.  Your notes aren't stored on the phone,  they're saved on Evernote's servers; so if you sign out of the new account on your new device and use the old user details to log in,  you should find all your notes waiting for you.  If necessary,  just uninstall Evernote from the new phone,  restart the device and reinstall to get a clean sheet.

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