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CPU, Battery issues in macbook

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I am a Macbook Air 2017 user running Catalina and Evernote 7.14.

I don't know what happened but i have been experiencing major issues in the last few days. 

It's CPU usage is off the charts, going above 100% all the time. It's reduced my battery time down to 3 hrs only which is quite unusual and unexpected of a macbook. 

Could someone help me with this? Is it an Apple issue or an Evernote issue? Im also attaching some SSs for reference.

Screenshot at Aug 30 01-39-08.png

Screenshot at Aug 29 20-37-43.png

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Hmmm. How do i check for a database indexing? Whenever the usage shoots up, i wait for a while, sometimes even restart Evernote to let it come down back to normal usage. 

I have around 12k notes and I often shuffle between notebooks, a lot of editing etc. Not really sure if Evernote is a resource heavy application.

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When you shuffle notes (= moving them to a new location) this will probably cause an indexing to start. The index needs to follow the note.

Maybe your index contains mistakes. This could explain that the Program runs into problems, driving up Ressource usage.

To fix the index, press down and hold the <opt/alt> key before clicking on the help menu. A new menu position will show at the end of the help menu, that is usually not visible. When you open it there are several submenu items that can help to sort out problems with your EN installation.

You can use them to optimize the search index, beside other functions. When you use them, let it run through before trying another one.

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