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Shared note does not show new update or modification

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I just shared a note with my girlfriend and after sharing it with her, I made new modification to the note but she can't see them.

When I shared it, I put that she could view and modified the note. But even if I modified the note or if she modified it, when can't see what the other person updated. It's like the note doesn't synchronize between our account. 

I have premium and she have basic

Do you have any idea why we can't see the modification?

Thanks Marc-André

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On 8/30/2020 at 10:36 AM, marcandre7785@gmail.com said:

It's like the note doesn't synchronize between our account. 

The sync process is via the cloud server   
To confirm if data is syncing, check your data via the web at www.evernote.com

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Both need to sync to make changes show. Normally, this will happen automatically, but sometimes a sync gets stuck, or is interrupted.

When using the desktop client, you can force a sync by holding down the <opt/alt> key before clicking on the sync wheel. This will make sure that both sides, the local and the server data base are reviewed for syncing errors. Do it when you are on a good internet connection and have some time, this can take a while. It can be that conflicting notes are found, that need to be reviewed.

After you are through, your friend should do the same, when on a desktop. When on a mobile, the app should be closed and reopened.

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