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Language of Evernote website keeps converting to Japanese

Darren M. McDonald



I was unsure where to reach out to the staff who manage Evernote's webpage, so I will post here.

I am based in Japan where the default language of the Evernote webpage is Japanese (obviously). When I want to view the webpage in English, I change the language display settings at the bottom left-hand side of the webpage. I expect the website to always appear in English. However, when I click on the link on the webpage and the browser takes me to a different page, the language converts back to Japanese. This is annoying as I need to go to the bottom of page again and select English each time I view a new page. This is only happening with Evernote's webpages.

Can this be fixed?

I am using Safari on macOS.

Cheers! :) 

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How is your general Language setting on your Mac ?

Just for testing: Do you have a VPN service provider that allows you to connect to servers in other countries ? If yes, you could try to connect to -say- a server in the US. Does this change the behavior of Safari ? Then it picks the language based on the geolocation of your IP address.

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Hello @PinkElephant

In providing further information, since I need to view most websites and applications in Japanese, my macOS general language settings in set to Japanese. 

Having this setting does not normally cause the problem I am having with Evernote's webpages. On other websites, once I change to language to be displayed to English is remains this way. It is the language setting on Evernotes website I am referring to, not the language settings in macOS.

In reference to VPN service, I only have the VPN needed to connect to my university in Tokyo and is provided by the university. However, when I change the general settings of macOS to English, everything appears in English, if it is available. However, I wish to keep my settings to Japanese because of the reason I just explained. 

I essence, I am pointing out that Evernote's website settings does not currently work for Safari when it comes to changing the displayed language beyond the page that is being displayed. I thought I should make Evernote aware.

Cheers! :) 


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I actually have the same problem. I do not live in Finland, but every time I go to the Evernote website, the homepage (before logging in) is in Finnish. Yes, I live in a neighbouring country of Finland, but we don't speak Finnish here. I'd prefer the language to be in English. I've tried to find an answer to this problem, but unfortunately still no result. I've tried both Safari and Chrome, and both browsers do the same thing. 

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