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Drawing and sketches



I'm using a microsoft surface book and I wish, I really wish, to make sketches with the pen directly in the evernote note, similar
like it is possible on the ipad-evernote-app. For me this is serious and if this will not work soon, I will switch to another app, even
I'm VERY happy with evernote out of this problem. I do not believe, I'm the only one with this request! The current solution in the windows
app via a new, second file is - sorry for my harsh word - *****! Thanks and best regards Hans

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Well! I have the Beta!!!

I just wanna use the evernote on my windows machine like I can do on the iPad.

I do not see the big problem and issue, WHY a sketch can not made as easy as it is possible on the iPad on my windows surface.

I already took it easy for long time as I have posted and discussed that need already on the start point of the Beta programs.

Evernote is really good BUT this is a serious problem for me in my daily life and needs to be solved.



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