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(Archived) Applescript from Evernote to Calendar To Do?

Viv Ilo Veith


Has anyone written a script to easily move To Do items from Evernote to iCal or any other Calendar program? How about to a To Do list associated with a calendar? Or is there a program that plays nicely with Evernote which accomplishes this? The ability to drag and drop into a time slot on a daily calendar would be ideal. I am a GTDer to a certain extent but find I work best when I plan out my day by moving certain tasks over to the calendar or at least to a Today todo list.

I am on OS 10.6.4. I am fairly new to the Mac and have not written any script myself. I live in Seattle and would love to meet with someone(s) who are using Evernote in a similar manner.




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Hi Em,

There are ways to do some of what you're talking about in AppleScript but, so far, I haven't found a good way to link an iCal event to an item in Evernote. Presumably, at some point Evernote will have a sanctioned way to paste a link to a note within other apps... there are ways to do that now, but they are "hacks". My suggestion is that, if it's an important feature to you, you should let the people at Evernote know.

Services like Nozbe or iPhone apps like EgretList are GTD/To-Do programs that interact with Evernote -- and might be a better fit for you. Nozbe offers a free (if limited) account to check out how it works before you sign up for their paid plans, and EgretList is only a few bucks. Probably worth taking a look to see if either meet your needs.

FInally, I'm just starting to post some scripts which link OmniFocus with Evernote... early stages of that, but thought I'd mention it.

Good luck!

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This is a basic Applescript for converting a single selected Evernote (alarm must be turned on with date chosen) to a todo in iCal (MacOSX 10.7.5).


Here's the note in Evernote on the Mac: post-170095-0-49796200-1387481682_thumb.

Here it is as a ToDo in Reminders: post-170095-0-63694300-1387482086_thumb.


Note that iCal in OSX 10.7.5 separates calendars and reminders, but you refer to the reminder list as a calendar (see line where it says [tell calendar "Name of your Reminder list here] - do not write in the name of your iCloud calendar or you will get server error messages, and you really don't need to redo your iCloud at all). Here's the script. Cheers, Josh





tell application "Evernote"


delay (3)

--get selected notes

set theSelection to selection


--loop through selected messages

repeat with theCurrentNote in theSelection


--get information from the current note

set todo_Name to title of theCurrentNote

set todo_Date to reminder time of theCurrentNote

set the_Selection to selection

set the_HTML to HTML content of (item 1 of the_Selection)

set plain_Text to do shell script "echo " & quoted form of the_HTML & space & "| textutil  -convert txt  -stdin -stdout"


tell application "iCal"

tell calendar "Name of your Reminder list here"

make new todo at end with properties {summary:todo_Name, due date:todo_Date, description:plain_Text}

end tell

end tell

end repeat

end tell

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