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Web clipper butchers Threadreaderapp twitter threads

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THere are a bunch of issues when trying to clip a Twitter thread unrolled by threadreaderapp.com. If you select Article, it clips the whole page (literally like selecting "Web page" instead of "Article") or nothing at all using the "-" and "+" buttons when trying to select just the relevant part. 

The other issue is that if you select "Simplified Article", web clipper will just ignore the tweets at the bottom of the thread. Tweets that do appear on the original threadreaderapp page but not on the "simplified Article" version. 



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WebClipper is not a piece of magic. It tries to catch a website in an appearance close to what we can see in the browser window. This means it has to catch all the different elements delivered to the browser, make sense out of it and convert it into something that will properly show in EN.

However, modern web sites are composite structures. The age of plain HTML was long ago. If a web site is overly complex, there may be difficulties clipping. In this case I think the third party content probably makes it hard to clip. 

The same with „simple view“. It needs to cut somewhere to reduce a web site to its core, and this is different from site to site. Usually it tries to leave out ads - probably here it treated 3rd party content as an ad, skipping it.

This is my interpretation. If I encounter a web site that does not clip nicely, I switch it to reader view and save it to a pdf instead. If you want a comment from EN, maybe try support.

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Adding the content of a web page to a note is usually easy,  but as @PinkElephant says;  occasionally you have to employ extreme methods - printing the page to PDF / screen shots / copy and pasting to another app to edit the content before copy/ pasting to Evernote...  One of these days I'll have to document how many possible ways actually exist!  If all else fails,  you at least have something for the search index to feed on,  and a link to the original post(s) to go back for more.

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