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Search Results Counter doesn't Fit In-note Search Field


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When executing the search inside the note using built-in search popup and the matching results counter contains a big number, the last digits of it are hidden by the search field's edge (see the "search_firefox" screenshot).


Seems the problem is relevant only for Firefox browser because I don't face similar issue when using Chrome (as on the "search_chrome" screenshot).


Looks like it's not the first time when some functions don't work properly with Firefox. Is the Evernote Web compatible with this browser at all?

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Unfortunately, the problem still exists. Is it going to be fixed?

Moreover, there's one nasty issue that happens in Firefox only: when starting typing in this search field, after a second the typing cursor is focused automatically to the note itself and, as a result, the typing is started in the search field and finished in the note's body. What actually makes the search function unusable in Firefox and forces to switch to Chrome.

So the question is the same: if Evernote web supports Firefox? Or should the users who have privacy concerns regarding the Google's browser privacy look for an alternative for their notes?..

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