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Web clipper sur instagram


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J'utilise actuellement Note station de Synology, je réfléchis à l'idée de passer sur evernote, je teste donc mes besoins... Mon usage premier est pour répertorier mes recettes de cuisine trouvées sur des sites ou sur instagram. Avec Note station, j'utilise le web clipper sur ma page instagram et il m'enregistre la recette écrite dans la colonne à droite de la photo. Je n'arrive pas à faire la même chose avec evernote, il me sauvegarde la page visualisée à l'écran, mais pas les données de la fenêtre ouverte. De plus, j'aimerais savoir s'il est possible de sauvegarder dans une note des vidéos instagram sans passer par des applis qui convertissent.

J'espère que vous pourrez m'aider ;)

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15 hours ago, evermams said:

I'm currently using Synology's Note station, I'm thinking about switching to evernote, so I'm testing my needs ... My primary use is to list 
my cooking recipes found on websites or on instagram. With Note station, I use the web clipper on my instagram page and it saves me the 
recipe written in the column to the right of the photo. I can't do the same with evernote, it saves me the page viewed on the screen, 
but not the data of the open window. In addition, I would like to know if it is possible to save instagram videos in a note 
without going through apps that convert.

I hope you can help me

Hi.  If you are using Evernote Clipper,  you should be able to select the text you are trying to save and 'Clip Selection'.  Evernote will not clip and show the contents of a video,  but it should save a link to the video so you can watch it again if necessary.

Hope that helps...

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57 minutes ago, evermams said:

Thank you very much but the selection is not good, it is not what I expect like in our station.
If anyone knows how to record instagram video too?

Sorry that wasn't more helpful - I looked at a random cooking video on Instagram,  and from what I saw,  capturing the actual video would not be possible. As a Basic user you only have 25MB per note and 60MB per month upload limit;  so a video of 100+MB would exceed all those.  I can get a 'bookmark' to that page,  so if I can find that recipe through the title and any tags I apply,  I will be able to jump to that web page without any problem.  The content (as far as I can see) cannot be saved locally though.

Evernote system limits

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Merci de votre aide, mais je souhaiterais garder les videos et les notes, mais pas en passant par un lien.

La même chose pour youtube, il me semble que l'on ne peut pas sauvegarder dans evernote.

Je regarde justement tout avant d'acheter le premium.

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16 hours ago, evermams said:

Thanks for your help, but I would like to keep the videos and the notes, but not through a link. 
The same for youtube, it seems to me that one cannot save in evernote. 
I look at everything before buying the premium.

You are very welcome.

If you do become a subscriber,  the note size limits are much higher (200MB) and it might be possible to include some video files.

Hope you find what you are looking for.

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