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Hi all

I'm having problems searching my notes on using Macbook Pro (mid 2012).

The only results that appear are those from 2020. Anything before that doesn't show up, even if I type the exact title of a note from 2019, for example. I have two folders of notes and viewing settings are set to view All Notes. If I scroll down the list of all notes, they are all there - right the way back to 2013. But search results only yield notes from 2020.

I've looked around in preferences for something that would default results to a default calendar year and I found nothing to suggest this is a setting...

This appears to be specific to my mac application as it works fine on my phone (android) and on the Evernote web browser.

I am running the latest version of Evernote on OS 10.13 High Sierra

Any help much would be much appreciated, thanks!


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