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Copy Note - I am not sure, but i think, it do not work now!

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Hi there,

so i have tried the option "Copy the Notice to other Noticebook in your Evernote Library. But with all Options, it do not work exactly.

- no tags will refresh in the copied note
- changed things like formating something or change the text complete...

Whats the issue - is it a problem or what do i wrong?

Thanks for help
Best regards



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Hi.  Copying a note creates a new,  independent copy of that note. Changing the tags in the copy will not affect the original - these are not the same note,  one is just a single snapshot of the other note which you can change as necessary.  The first note will stay the same.

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10 hours ago, onecom said:

Whats the issue - is it a problem or what do i wrong?

Based on your confused emoji to @gazumped's post when you use Copy Note you have three options:

  1. Which notebook to copy the note to
  2. Keep the created and updated times
  3. Keep the tags of the original note or not

So when you get done you should have a copy of the original note in whichever notebook you chose with new or original dates with or without tags.  Did this not happen for you? 

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