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Notes Not Displaying in Windows 10 Desktop App

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The primary problem is that when I click on a notebook, including All Notes, in my Windows 10 Desktop app, the notes don't display and I can't view or edit them. I can see all the notebooks, but not the notes within them. The notes sync, and I am able to use the web and android apps but not the desktop app. I have tried:

  • turning the laptop off and on again 😀,
  • logging out of Evernote and logging in again;
  • switching from New to Classic viewer and back again, and
  • uninstalling and reinstalling the app. 


The secondary problem is that I tried unsuccessfully to get a ticket at the help desk after creating the activity log and screen shot so I've attached them here. I'm very grateful for any help.

Evernote Screenshot.JPG


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When in EN-Windows, try hitting the 'F11' key on your keyboard, or via clicking Menu >View >Note List, so that your 'Note List' is displayed.  Also, and just as an aesthetic thing, so as to give you more screen space to view the note editor/note content...I would resize your 'Left Panel'... simply grab the right vertical edge of the panel with cursor and drag.  You've already tried the File > Exit and restart option, so that's unlikely to help.  Also, have you tried creating a new note 'CTRL+N' to see if you're actually able to do so?  Finally, after you view your 'Note List' (F11)... also try F10 to toggle the 'Left Panel' on off (whilst Note List is still displayed)...quirky things can works sometimes

As for your secondary problem...I think this is due to you having a Basic/Free subscription, in which case I believe EN does not provide basic users support.

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I only just saw your response, @RavBoy and F11 worked! Thanks so much.  And I've resized my left panel which I didn't know how to do. And thanks for the F10 to get rid of the Left Panel. . I've got my desktop app back. Very grateful. Is there somewhere I should look for these types of tips? 

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13 hours ago, QueenTimely said:

I've got my desktop app back. Very grateful.

You're very welcome.  When I was starting with EN, many of the gurus on this forum, similarly shared many golden nuggets, and still do, so pass it on I say.


13 hours ago, QueenTimely said:

Is there somewhere I should look for these types of tips?

Keyboard shortcuts are very useful and time saving, as shared by PinkElephant above.  Beyond this I think the way to get the most out of EN for your particular use-case is to continue to participate in this forum, and when you can, upgrade to Premium subscription to allow yourself more features e.g. Templates , plus large upload limits.  Even when I use any MS Office application to create documents, all of these are moved and centrally saved to EN.  For managing and organising my information/online research, EN is my main-central app around which everything else revolves.  As time goes on, you will discover that EN wont achieve everything on your wish-list, in which case and once again these forums have loads of tips and workarounds to help.  Finally for more tips, I'd suggest just googling 'Best ways, methods, tips etc to use/organise Evernote, or some such. Also check out EN Online User Guides: Quick Start Guide & Full User Guide... good luck

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I'm having the same issue - in the windows app I can find and click on any note and the preview of the note shows up in the note list, but when I click on the note the contents won't appear (it's just a blank screen). Closing and reopening the app doesn't solve the issue; the only fix I've found is restarting my computer. My app is up to date, although I first noticed this issue when the new version of the app was released. I would guess it occurs every ~2-3 days. Any suggestions?

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I'm having this exact same problem. I even uninstalled and re-installed the desktop app. It briefly worked again but the problem has returned. I also regularly get a pop-up window that is blank. Extremely frustrating.

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Yep...same problem for me. I too am a fully paid user. Note lists appear fine, but the view window (for editing) just goes blank every few days on both my laptop and PC...but never my iPhone. The only solution I have found successful is to uninstall and reinstall the App. Very, very frustrating. There are no shortcuts (F11) that work on note lists in the latest version that I can find. F11 simply toggles full screen. About to bin this app after years of use and change to something more stable and usable.

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The issue is still occurring for me; F11 does not solve the problem. Copying a screenshot below that shows both the blank note window in the main app (although it does show a preview in the note list), plus if I double click on the note the window that pops up is blank.



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Hello all,

really can not understand this issue, I have the same.

What it is really unbelievable that was posted in August 2020 for the first time (have not checked if there is other related topic before).

5 months later Evernote was unable to release a fix for a bug that prevent to use the core utility of its application... came on Evernote !!!!! why in this all world I would like to continue paying you for this trash.

Fix it.  

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Today's date is 01/24/2021.  Ended up here for this exact same problem.  This has actually been a problem for my Windows pc Evernote for a couple of months now.  So I followed belgiumcookieman's advice and logged out then logged back in.  Well lo & behold, the app updated and I suddenly had a fully functional & customizable home screen!  So I don't know if this malfunction is simply due to the app not properly updating or what.  But it's finally working properly. Let's hope it's fixed!

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I have Evernote on a laptop, desktop, and Android phone.  The desktop and Android are fine, but the laptop has started displaying a version of this symptom of blank notes, not blank on other devices or in preview.  One of the suggestions I saw elsewhere on the forum was to do a sync, but if you see the images below, there is no sync button on the laptop.  I have also noticed that the About, Check for Update, and Release Notes windows are also blank on the laptop.  I think everything was normal Friday night, but then like this Saturday morning.  The difference in screen layout is puzzling.



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F11  DOES NOT WORK to FIX THIS F'NG Problem.  So frustrating.  I'm telling everyone not to use this app.  It only works on your phone.  It constantly crashes on the desktop.  It will NOT show your notes and this is NOT a new problem.   

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