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Note sharing not working on Mac App, only accessible on web

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Thanks in advance for the help.  For unknown reasons, some notes that have previously been shared are no longer accessible on the Evernote App for Mac. Whether they are shared through WorkChat or using the "Share" button and providing the email address.  Emails are being received, so it is not a problem of the recipient.  And these notes are still shared with edit rights if accessed on the web based platform of Evernote.  But in the App, the error states "Note is unavailable.  Make sure you are online". I am definitely online.  I can see the note was recently updated, so it is not an issue of syncing.

Is this a software issue?  This has happenrd previously where suddenly access to some notes disappears.  But other notes that have not been updated recently are still shared without any trouble.




Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 10.23.50.png

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2 hours ago, APN said:

It seems this issue is also affecting other users in this thread.

And here too -

- but both are a year or more old,  and things seem to have quietened down since - or maybe people found work-arounds that were OK.  If you're sharing with multiple (presumably business) users,  it should be worth while for one of you to upgrade to Premium for at least a short while to get email and chat support.  If you pay monthly it should be possible to downgrade again to Basic if you wish to do so.

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My Evernote working on MacBook Pro, but after downloading new iPhone upgrade, notebooks and notes from the laptop are no longer synching to the iPhone. The only option on the Evernote app, on the phone, is "New Note." The screen is frozen. Can anyone advise?

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