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Typos are only underlined if the cursor passes through them?

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I tried looking this up in every phrasing I can think of. No dice.

To be clear, this doesn’t happen while I’m typing, but if I then switch to a different note, the underline goes away.

As I’m typing, Evernote will catch spelling errors and either auto-replace them (presumably that’s operating system-level functionality?) or give them a dotted, red underline if it’s not sure.


If I leave the typo in place, and switch to a different note, and then come back to the typoed one, the underline is gone. Clicking somewhere on the note doesn’t trigger it. Clicking on the word itself doesn’t trigger it. (Though this kinda makes sense – if the cursor is in the word, it can’t be sure it’s a typo yet.) It isn’t until the cursor leaves the word that it gets highlighted.  

Has it always worked this way and I’ve suddenly just realized it? Do I need to manually run a spell check on every note before copying it elsewhere?


Version details:

Version 7.14 (458244 Direct)
Editor: 69.3.10951 (15add1e)

Mac OSX 10.15.6

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