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Evernote for Mac crashes all the time now

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I'm using Catalina 10.15.6 on my iMac.  It crashes all the time lately.  Tried to delete and then reinstall and it crashes again. I've even downloaded directly from Evernote rather than the App Store.  Same results.  I use it on my iPhone, where it is working.  Right now I am using the web based version on my iMac to make it usable to me.  Suggestions?

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1 hour ago, wsachs said:

Tried to delete and then reinstall

Are you just deleting the app?
To fix a corrupted database, you have to delete the local database copy

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... To remove everything, use the app AppCleaner, and make sure to check all items in the delete-box. Scroll down to the end, and check everything. Confirm the delete.

Restart the Mac, reinstall (I propose the direct install from the EN website), log in. Once opened, the download from the EN server will start to rebuild your data base.

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I am having the same issue - on a Mac with latest OS - Evernote crashes on first use after waking Mac most days. Long time evernote premium user and thought the new rebuild would have sorted this (found this to be an issue for ages really on the Mac). Time to start to look at other solutions I think.

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