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When i email from Evernote the files do not attach, help!




When i email out of evernote to share the evernote file and it's attachments, the attachments do not carry over, only the text does. I have many that i need to communicate and other than downloading and attaching to emails i can't communicate the way i need too. I used to do it i believe but it's not working at the moment. 

Is this a setting i need to change or is it a general Evernote service that doesn't work yet? i just feel it is very strange you can email parts of the notes out but attachments don't carry?

Help would be much appreciated :)

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I have the same issue, recently when i email out of Evernote by clicking "share=>send a copy...", the attachments and pasted images / screenshots in the note are missing.
Evernote Version (309091)

I have opened a  ticket, "ticket#3141272 - images in "share => email" are missing in sent emails from evernote" on the Evernote support page.

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Hi all. Thanks for reporting this issue. We made a change to the system that sends the emails that introduced this problem. The change has been reverted for now and we'll make sure it gets fixed when we're ready to turn on the new system again.

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