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need pdf in-line view linked from google drive

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Hi.  After searching the forum, I always hear that there's no option to make google drive linked pdf to view in EN note as in-line, only as an attachment.  And there's no option also to right-click the attachment to make it in-line.  Is this true?

I'm in Basic Membership and don't want to install Google Drive Sync to save my drive space.  Thanks in advance

Windows 10 and Evernote App


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4 minutes ago, Pose 'n Post PhotoVideo said:

I can easily attach files from google drive as an attachment

File attachment, or are you inserting a link to an external file?   
It's not the same thing

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Ohh my wording is a mistake, clicking the google drive icon in EN note toolbar.   So it's a link and pretty sure it will not give me in-line option.  Now using the other way which is paper clip icon (attachment) shows only local drive unless I have google drive sync installed.  That will be a work around though again in my very first post, I'm saving space by avoiding google drive sync.  Anyway thanks again.  Thanks for clarification.  

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