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(Archived) Christmas ideas

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I am notorious for getting Christmas gifts for my boys and stashing them away...then forgetting all about them. Since I do most of my Christmas shopping online, I have created a Christmas tag. I plan to forward all of my confirmation emails to EN and tag them 'Christmas'. That way, when Christmas rolls around, I can double check to make sure I have everything wrapped and under the tree or in stockings! Hopefully, next spring, I wont find that dvd or book hiding in a dark corner of my closet! :)

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Wonderful idea! I suppose it wouldn't do me any good to know what I bought if I could not remember WHERE I actually put it! :lol:

(see why I need Evernote?!) The EN crew joke about it being 'your second brain'......for me that is not a joke but reality!

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I only thought of that b/c I use EN for remembering where I stash things, too. :lol: I like to have a couple of cookies or candies with coffee every now & then. But if my husband knows they are in the house, he will eat the whole package in a day. So I have to hide them from him. Sometimes I forget where I've hidden them & find them six months later. :shock:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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