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Stream Audio Playback!



The web client makes you download audio files like attachments (Super LAME!).  Most browsers are capable of streaming audio. The Evernote web client should let us stream back audio when we upload mp3, wav, ogg, m4a, or other popular formats. And since Chrome and Firefox can't natively stream all those popular audio formats, the Evernote servers should transcode them to mp3 or ogg on the fly! (Preferably the Evernote server should stream to us at a high bit-rate like mp3 320k if we upload high quality audio in a format like wav). A tool like ffmpeg, running in a safe little sandbox, could easily lets servers convert audio on the fly for streaming. There is no excuse really. Especially since the way it is now feels ancient. It's like a user experience from the 90s (in a bad way). If a user likes to embed audio in their notes, they are pretty much hosed if they are searching through many notes. 

The Evernote web client is pretty much embarrassing right now, but this is an opportunity for Evernote to do something incredible! 👍

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Hi.  Are you on the current new Evernote web client?  Should be around 6.17 or something I believe - I'm still on 5.33 at the moment - don't know why (winge).  Anyhoo.  The web client is in process of being upgraded,  and has jumped several levels in the past few weeks.  There's still a lot more to add to it,  so the embarassment quotient should go down somewhat later this year.  However I don't believe Evernote has any plans to compete with Spotify or Youtube to become an entertainment hub.  It's meant to be an all-purpose storage for all types of file where users can locate and process them when and if necessary.  The web experience will get better,  but I don't think it's going to DJ for you.

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