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Evernote and Scribzee not linking properly

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I'm unable to see my Scribzee scans on Evernote even though I've linked my accounts and they are advertised to work together. The accounts show they are linked, both the accounts have the link visible in settings so that shouldn't be a problem. I primarily use my Scribzee account on my iPhone and my Evernote account on my MacBook so it wouldn't be hard to transfer the current files if that would fix it, but transferring multiple files daily seems an unnecessary hassle when it should be an automatic feature.

I've tried linking, refreshing both scribzee and Evernote, restarting devices involved, unlinking and relinking just to make sure I hadn't somehow linked the wrong account but nothing is working.

Any questions and suggestions welcome 😅

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It may be that not many other people are using Scribzee and Evernote together. Which doesn't mean they shouldn't work together if they're advertised to do so. Evernote's support is for paid subscriptions, but I understand they have a support service on Twitter for Basic users. You could try that, or upgrade to Premium for one month to get access to support, then revert to Basic at the end of the month. I presume you've looked into Scribzee user support as well?

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No bumping here, just other users to bump (which we regard as not polite, and you don’t want to be bumped back by an elephant).

There is an in and out of programs that announce to use the EN API for integration, and give it up later. Often they forget to clean the web site, so announced does not mean it is operational.

If in question, try to contact support of the 3rd party company. EN support probably does not even know there may be an integration. If the other company does not respond, chances are they already bellied-up, and forgot to tell. 90% of all start ups end this way !

Not getting a response in the Forum in a month does tell you one thing: It is not hot stuff you are posting about ...

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