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Create new notebook from the "Move note to..." dialog

Tony Mottaz


I want a faster way of creating new notebooks on the fly when I am filing notes from the Inbox.

From the note, I can click on "Move note" button. This shows a "Move note to..." dialog.

If I type in a notebook name that does not exist, then I want Evernote to offer to create the notebook for me with that name and an option to add it to a stack. Today, this is my process:

  1. Click "Move note"
  2. Type notebook name
  3. Notice that I don't have a notebook yet with that name
  4. Click on "Notebooks"
  5. Click "New Notebook"
  6. Type name, click enter
  7. Click the three-dot menu and select a stack to put the notebook into
  8. Go back to the note in the inbox
  9. Move to new notebook

The new process would be

  1. Click "Move note"
  2. Type notebook name
  3. Click "Add notebook"
  4. Select a stack for the new notebook
  5. Confirm



Screenshot_2020-08-20 0 Inbox - Evernote(1).png

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