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Cannot copy img from one note and paste it to another

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Hello Evernote Team

I have been using the web client ever since it's got the new facelift and new search features.Really loving the product now.

However, I have been facing a minor issue in the web client. I cannot copy an img from a note and paste to another note. This can be done, in the Windows and Mac platforms. 

Please add this into your list. It's a minor change, nevertheless a crucial one!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. These are user-to-user spaces primarily; Evernote staff may look in, but you're not addressing the Evernote team directly.

That said, I find that I am able to right-click on an image in a note, select Copy image, and then in another note paste the image successfully using either right-click or Ctrl+V. The right-click menu is controlled by my browser, not Evernote. So perhaps it is a browser issue. What browser are you using?

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The desktop clients run as an application. So the rules for applications apply. And it can open multiple notes in own windows each.

The web client is nothing else than a browser session. Select the picture, and depending on OS and browser use ctrl/cmd c - ctrl/cmd v to copy and paste. Or if not allowed, select the picture, right click, save picture to desktop / folder, and paste it from there into the other note.

Because the web client can only open one note at a time, to move by drag & drop you would need to open 2 sessions side by side. But because now two sessions would be running at the same time, this can create syncing Conflicts. I would use one of the other methods.

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