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This is likely caused by a bad connection to internet - How to fix?



Hi guys.

I've just created an evernote account, just now, and i can't log in it on android.

It show a message: "You cannot sign in at the moment. This is likely caused by a bad connection to internet"

how can i fix it?

I want to say that I have an app called LastPass, it is a password manage, by the way.

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Hi, have you tried the standard Internet troubleshooting steps? For example, does your browser work on Android? What about Gmail (or whatever you use)? If those things are working but EN still is not, try re-starting your device. Also, try accessing Evernote via the browser, see if you can log in that way. If that works, try re-installing the Evernote app

LastPass certainly works fine with Evernote on Android. Of course, it is possible that an incorrect password or userid got stored in LastPass.

It looks like this person is having a similar problem, so try the steps that they are trying.

Good luck!

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