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I'm ready for an Evernote Email Client



I understand that Evernote has had to spend some years managing the scope of their product. It has contained many features that are strong, discreet, maybe incomplete. It can make a difficult product to manage. So I imagine the idea of an email client is crazy but hear me out: they should really make an email client.

Like any one of us I use Evernote all the time. I manage my personal and professional research within Evernote. I also receive too many emails on a daily basis that require my reference, integration into my research notebooks, added notes, etc.

So I DO NOT believe it would be good idea to integrate an email client into Evernote. That would be a mess. Instead the company should consider a separate email client that better bridges the gap between Email management and note organization.

Here are ideas off the top of my head:

  • EverEmail Client
    • Email filters can automatically organize and send content to Evernote
    • Notes can be added to emails and automatically sent to Evernote. For example you can highlight text in an email and type within it. This will automatically convert to a note.
    • Text can be highlighted and selected in an email and sent as a note (with notebook and tags) to Evernote
    • Contact information can be saved as notes

I don't imagine this would come any time soon but I do think the company should strongly consider it. The process of organizing content from email is really flawed and closer integration would be great.

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Evernote already has a cloud email feature which creates/sends notes

I'm happy with my current email client (Apple)   
with an integrated Inbox that includes my Gmail account

Most email services provide filters that will automatically forward email to your Evernote account - alternatively, I use scripting on my Mac (Applescript)

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