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Search only works for titles ☹️



I make loads of random notes that I want to come back to later. 

I search for something. 

It doesn't appear. 

I've now stress tested. 

Search only searches in titles and not content.

Is this true?? Seems mad. 

Definitely true for me. 

What's the point??? 

I have xyz mentioned in 5 notes. Only one has xyz in the title. When I search, only the note with xyz in the title gets found. 

This is really poor. 

I love using Evernote. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I can't keep on using. 

Hoping someone will point out where i am going wrong 🙂 


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1 hour ago, OM2 said:

I have xyz mentioned in 5 notes. Only one has xyz in the title. When I search, only the note with xyz in the title gets found. 

Can you post an actual screenshot of the note failing the search   
My experience is that search is functional for both title and contents
The screenshot is from my Mac   536121467_ScreenShot2020-08-15at11_53_09AM.png.c6b4b6c3f1924a08f5ab19fd3e8afa26.png

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There is one case when only title content is found: If you search on a Mac, using Spotlight or any app based on the Spotlight Index (like Alfred) the Search will only find text in the titles. Spotlight stopped to search in the content, attachments and even tags with Mac Mojave OS, and it did not come back since.

This only restricts the Spotlight Search. The internal search of EN will still find any content.

If you WANT to reduce this to the title content one day, you could use the „intitle“ search parameter to skip all content.

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What platform are you using (Android, Mac, Windows, Web, etc.)? In Android, a search will only find terms in a note title unless you explicitly press the Search button on the keyboard. It can be helpful when you want to limit searches to titles without using the intitle: prefix. But it can also be frustrating.

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Thanks for all the replies guys.

For the search term I was searching for... now seems to be working. Honest, I'm not going mad. I had the problem. It was definitely there!!

I just made a test. I definitely get the problem.

Using on Windows + Android. Windows (on browser) is where I use 90% of the time.

I made 2 notes with the word pancake in.

See screen shots below.



(I think I removed all of my data from pics!)

Something else: I made a note 24 hours on another phone. I can't find the note. I definitely 1000% made the note. It's not the first time I get this problem.

Seems like I'm the only one with this problem? 😕 

EDIT: Just tested again. Now it's working. I think I'm going mad. 😕 

I didn't make those screen shots up above!


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There is a lag from when you create a note until the note is searchable on platforms other than the Windows and Mac desktop versions.  I have seen this with the browser and IOS versions and it may exist for Android.  So if the notes suddenly appeared that may be why.  Probably not the answer you want but it could explain the issue.

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