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Hello there,

The whole idea of Evernote was to simplify life enabling users to capture and share ideas, content and images. Like many other apps, Evernote is moving away from the concept that technology should make our daily lives easier by reducing the time to complete tasks. Here are two examples:

1. I wanted to create a link between an Evernote note and an Omnifocus task. I used to be able to go to the top menu and click "Note" then "Copy Note to" and paste that link into the task. Effectively 3 mouse clicks and minimal movement. If I now do that I get a weblink, which fails when I want to use it because I am not logged in to Evernote via the web - I am not logged in via the web because I am using the app and therefore have no need to be using the browser version!

So today to get the app-app link: I have to (1) click on the note title in the list view, (2) right/control click to get menu, (3) alt click to get "Copy Classic Note Link" then (4) paste. Note I now have to use two extra keys in addition to the 4 mouse clicks to do what was originally a 3 click movement.

2. I wanted to give this feedback, so I have to go to the website, choose three menu options and only then get told to come to the forums - when I selected "feedback" in the top menu, could you not display a message at that point to guide me to the forums rather than force me to make two more submenu selections? Even better, as I am a member, enable me to give feedback or other contact messages straight from the app, reducing the time it takes to contact you.

These might seem trivial items, however I am seeing that technology today has lost its way compared to earlier systems that were 100% focused on reducing time and effort to complete tasks. Please don't force users to do things in multiple (and often hidden) steps when 1-2 steps can suffice!

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