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(Archived) Support for indexing Microsoft .docx and .xlsx files

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Hello, I'm curious if there is any kind of timeline/plan/additional info/etc. for incorporating indexing capabilities into Evernote that would allow users to search the contents of .docx and .xlsx files saved in an Evernote database. I have searched the forums and found a lot of people talking about the lack of these features, but nothing describing the potential inclusion of them and/or any information about why they haven't already been incorporated.

I'm curious because from my perspective as a researcher who is (unfortunately) obligated to use Microsoft Office in order to collaborate effectively with my associates, being able to index MS Office documents would be the biggest selling point for Evernote, if and when the feature is included.

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I would be satisfied if EN would support the new xml based fileformat only. This should be pretty easy to parse, since it's an open standard format and xml based.

Maybe if the parser for the MS Office formats is implemented, the ODF format isn't that hard to implement, too.

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