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(Archived) feature request

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would be great if you could add simultaneous sound recording a la One Note to the software (probably hard to be with web-based version but should be possible with windows/mac/mobile versions). the idea would be that one could go back to some of the bullet points one wrote down in a note and then could play the relevant piece of audio recording that belongs to it from the lecture or meeting.

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You can do this by using "SoundPaper" on the iPad! And then send to EN by Email.

Wow...that's a neat app! I don't have an iPad or I'd give it a whirl! (Appears to not be an iPhone app.) I have a Livescribe pen I use quite often. I love it & add the audio & PDFs into Evernote. But this would certainly be worth the $5!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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