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Those who newly register think that they shall have to pay a monthly fee, and it is not made clear enough that they have the option to use the application for FREE. 

This is a pity. Can you change that, please, so that members clearly know that the monthly payment is OPTIONAL? 

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7 hours ago, Bienne said:

it is not made clear enough that they have the option to use the application for FREE

Not sure the flow of the newly registered, but the web page at www.evernote.com clearly indicates free2105973613_ScreenShot2020-08-14at7_20_40AM.png.4d748c1c3798f2cd38d582935e406916.png

and the Sign Up page indicates the plan options


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I test registered from another device and this is the first window after registering an email address:  it gives the impression I have only a 7-day trial after which I would have to purchase!  This is what is misleading. 


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There is nothing misleading: You create a new account, it opens and the initial box says you can test the Premium for 7 days for free. It shows some of the features that do not exist in the Basic Plan. That’s it.

You can continue using the offer, set a reminder or you can skip it. I attach a screenshot from my iPad, sorry all in German.

This is clear, no pressure is put on you, and you have a free choice of option. If you skip, you continue with a basic account. There is nothing critical on this page, even under European legislation.

Privacy is pretty good as well, by the way.


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