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(Archived) how to actually install downloaded evernote app on x10mini ?


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Hi there,

on my x10 mini pro:

fortunately, I did not have problems downloading the evernote app from androidmarket. As I read on these forums other people seem to have had this problem.

My problem is: after I downloaded the file, that was all. The installation process wasn't started automatically.

I read you would have to download an app to have apps install automatically once downloaded?

That kinda confuses me, because wouldn't I have the same problem with that download as with all the others, i.e. how to start the installation?

So, I am not an Android Nerd, nor especially tech savvy with mobile networking.

- Which App would make my x10 mini pro install downloaded apps automatically?

- How would I install that app?

- As I already downloaded the evernote app. How would I make this download start its installation process?

thanks for reading


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If you can see the application in the Market, then it should install automatically when you use the Install button from the Market. You may want to try rebooting and then try again.

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I know it should. Problem is, it doesn't.

I can see the apk file right in the "download" directory. The x10 mini pro seems to only download the files without installing them - hence my inital question.

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OK. I made it.

Just in case someone else searches this sometime:

Installing from the android market did not work repeatedly.

What did work though was checking "allow for non-market apps" in the app management section and then click on an .apk link from the cell phone's browser which helped me install a file manager.

like here:


Then I opened the evernote apk from its "download" directory and it works like a charm.

Now, the "ever" in evernote takes on a whole new meaning... :)

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