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(solved) new created notes are not found on web / iOS - Laptop OK



Hi, since today I realized I'm not able to search for new created notes. E. g. I create a new note on the Web client with title "blabla". After a while I do a search "intitle:blabla" and don't get any results. Same on iOS. On my Laptop (Mac) there is no problem, search finds exactly that one note.





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7 hours ago, stocky2605 said:

nice, after opening a support ticket the notes are found - seems, sometimes it needs some more patience (at least 15 min)

I would hope this is not the intended behavior as expectations for most would be something added to a data base is searchable as it is added.  Not 15 minutes later anyway.  There are reports of lagging or missing results with the new web version from time to time, not so much IOS though.  Brownie points for desktop versions.

Test.  I entered a note on version 6.17 and it took over 2 minutes for the note to appear in a search.  I went to the previous web version, not clear the version number, and entered a second note.  Same issue.  Using a Basic project archive account with 5800 notes in it.  The added notes were a line of text.  So indexing takes a bit on the servers.  EN may want to beef up their servers what with all the focus on server usage in the new versions.  Eight minutes and counting and the second note has not appeared in the search.  :shrug:

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I have exactly the same issue but that doesn't sync for weeks now.

On the Old web version and my Mac app, no problem but if I switch to the new one, impossible to create a new notes. I receive an error message and all notes created with the old version or in desktop do not appear in the new version. Is anyone had the same issue recently ?

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