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Reorganisation to new notebooks -> chaos

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Hi forum,

Originally I had a single notebook with around 2000 notes that I kept organizes by tagging but as it became cumbersome and to introduce another level of organisation, I decided to split it out to multiple notebooks.

Tag system:

Default notebook > note

Parent tag > x tag > note
Parent tag > y tag > note2
z tag > note

Notebook system:

Research (stack) > x (new notebook) > note

x tag > note
y tag > note


This felt straightforward and a common use case, so I went one by one to the tags (x, y) and drag&dropped the notes to the relevant notebooks.
It was all fine and dandy, I could see the notes, I could see the note count. 

Once confirmed, I deleted the tags.


Then I worked outside Evernote and when I next looked at it:

it all went to hell and now I don't have either the tagging or the notebook way to categorize, just a huge mess in my original notebook.

Now what?

It seems to be syncing endlessly now but there is no apparent change in the notes.
Is it trying to reupload everything just because they were moved?

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Not sure what happened in your case.  Did you make the changes using the Windows or Mac desktop version?  If you go to the web version do you see the same thing as on your desktop version?  If the web is the same your notes are what they now are.  Sorry about that.

Rule of thumb when making mass changes is to do them in bite sized chunks with syncs often to validate.  Still though, not sure what happened in your case.

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