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How to remove note source links

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Each time I paste text content into Evernote on Windows, a web link appears magically in the top right corner.  See example that links to 'mail.google.com'.

I spend excessive time and labor deleting these unwanted links from my hundreds of notes.  How do I make these go away once and for all?

I've already tried Evernote Support and they have no idea what I'm talking about.  Thank you.



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I'm confused. I saw this query before somewhere recently and it had already been answered...  How are you selecting the text to paste?  Is this a standard Windows copy/ paste scenario,  or are you using the Google email clipper,  or Evernote's web clipper?

It's good practice to have a record of the source of a quoted or copied item and Evernote routinely add the source URL to each note created.  Several copy/ pastes will overwrite the URL with the latest source (if there are different sources).  I believe the Evernote Clipper Screenshot option will not add a URL - especially if you copy to desktop,  then re-copy and paste to a note.

It's never been more true that "this is a feature,  not a bug!"

It's good practice to know where the data was sourced - not least in case a user needs to go back and check the current situation;  and the URL just sits in the top right corner in case you need to use it. 

Would it be possible just to ignore it so that you can take advantage of all the other many and various ways to copy or clip content into Evernote?

How to add content in Evernote for Windows


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All I'm dealing with is straight text, copy and pasted from Windows.  In this particular case from a Gmail tab.  I have no knowledge of special clipper tools.  I will investigate but am skeptical.  The simpler the workflow the better.


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Since you are copying from a web page, windows clipboard includes meta information with your content, such as formatting and the source URL. EN for Win interprets this and populates the link field of the note with the source URL. Normally, if you don't want this meta-info, you can use "paste as plain text". Unfortunately, EN for Win does not have a "Paste as plain text" feature. There's a way around that: select part or all of a web page (if your case an email), and paste into notepad. Notepad forces conversion to plain text. Then in notepad, select all and copy. Then create a new EN note, and paste. There's nothing in the link field now. Will this work for you?

If so, there is probably an easier way. There are ways to modify Windows copy-paste behavior to convert the content to plain text when it is first copied from the Web page. This would let you paste plain text straight into EN. Probably the easiest way to do this is a 3rd party app that lets you customize the clipboard. Search on "windows custom clipboard" or similar. Windows 10 added some built-in clipboard customization features too, so you could try MS Support or Technet.

Good luck.

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John This is some good clarifying info about the behavior.  I've been using 'Paste and Match Style' (Ctrl + Shift + V).  Apparently it's somewhat different than 'Paste as Plain Text.'

I tried the Notepad method and it works.  It adds another step to the workflow so won't be the solution I'm looking for.  I will investigate tweaking the clipboard on the Windows side.  Cheers

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You @michaeljsalo could try creating a blank template note, of sorts, not to be confused with EN Templates, within which you would add content into the URL field... where it says 'Click to set source url...' simply hit the space bar 2 or 3 times, or xxx (but xxx will be visible unlike spaces), or whatever, then enter, and this content (three spaces) will prevent any URL being copied across, whether pasted as plain text or not.

image.png.05df5ba05b371fb8765f5427b3b48eb1.png   image.png.62ca2a7e8e070328016416afa9d180db.png

Then make as many copies of this blank note, which will serve as a template, for each new note you create

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