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highlighted searched terms show in photo not pdf

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Hi,  this is my first time here.  After no luck in forum search, I give a try to ask.  My problem is after searching for word/s, it shows several note titles but opening that note with in-line view pdf, I don't see highlighted words.  Other notes with photo attached in it, highlighted words appeared.  Did I miss something to tweak or that's the way it is.  thanks.

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Hi.  Search terms often appear several times in PDFs and depending on which version of Evernote you're using you may see lines in the scroll bar indicating where they appear,  or you could use 'search within note' to jump from one occurrence to another.  Sometimes highlights in images are out of place,  but since they're limited to one page it's usually much easier to find the correct hit even if the highlight is out of line.

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