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Text Colors Used in a Note All Gone

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I took a note using different text colors to highlight important information in the note. The note is rather long. I worked with the note in the morning and when I checked a few hours later, I don't see any of the colors in the note any longer. This is extremely frustrating for me. I shifted to Evernote from Mac Notes about a month back. I never came across something like this with Mac Notes. Can anyone tell me how to restore the colors I used back? I don't know which colors I used where because the note is long. Thanks.

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Hi. Have you checked the note in both the installed Mac client and the Web version?  Tried a different browser?  Changed which web client you're using? (check in Settings).  I don't see any way that Evernote could 'lose' the colors in your note.  Either those changes weren't synced to the server in the first place - in which case there's no way to recover the information - or the note you see isn't displaying the colors because of some version or display glitch. 

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I have this problem constantly.  When I change the color of text, some or all of the text will change back to the original color.  It does not happen to all text color changes (I use color a lot to classify information), but happens very frequently.  I exclusively use the Mac client, and this happens across multiple computers.  Steps to reproduce:

  1. Change color of some text
  2. Force sync with server (just to be sure it syncs)
  3. Switch to a different note
  4. Switch back to the original note & color has reverted back to the original

It is especially weird because sometimes only part of a sentence will change back, and other parts will not.  This has been a bug for a long time, and I really wish you guys would fix it.  Please contact me if you need more information about how to reproduce it.

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On 8/18/2020 at 1:35 PM, K_Basore said:

This has been a bug for a long time, and I really wish you guys would fix it.  Please contact me if you need more information about how to reproduce it.

Hi. For the avoidance of doubt - this is a -mainly- user-supported Forum,  not Support. We can offer information and suggestions from our collective experience.

Evernote staffers do read the posts here, and there are Admins to keep everyone in line, but there's no guarantee how soon your post will be seen.  If you have an issue and you're a subscriber it would be helpful for Evernote and for you to report the matter online so they can investigate.

If you need help on a technical issue Evernote support is available via the website (subscribers), on Twitter @EvernoteHelps (everyone) or via the Facebook community. There's also a feedback link on the latest web interface.

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