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Fullscreen (F11) request



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Hi.  Which bit of Evernote do you want to be fullscreen?  It's possible to open the note in its own window,  which - apart from the editing tools - is about as full screen as you can get.  The app itself has a full window size option and most of the panels can be switched on or off by the View menu,  or by various key combinations...  

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Thanks for the reply.

We need a normal fullscreen note view, like any modern browser.

All the various vertical headers should be auto-hidden, like Firefox, in a fullscreen mode. But there is no fullscreen mode, and only the editing toolbar and status bars are hideable, manually and with F8, respectively.

First, here are the five vertical elements on the desktop PC version, four of which you cannot hide. Only "E" is hideable via F8.



Second, the web-based editing view in the browser's fullscreen mode with F11 is cleaner, but uses up just as much space. But don't fix this without considering us PC users -- I don't want to be forced to edit notes in a web browser!


Finally, here's an example of fullscreen/F11 well done in the writing program i mentioned, Scrivener:


Very customizable, hiding all elements of the UI. It earns its name, "distraction-free" mode.

Evernote is a paid, annual subscription (I pay, at least). Scrivener is a one-time fee download program, cheaper than Evernote's one-year price, and Firefox (and other browsers with excellent fullscreen modes) is free! Can't imagine I'll keep paying or ever enter another proprietary note system without seeing you all add this soon...

Thanks again, I'll stay tuned to help with any follow up...

I'm no programmer... but how is this something that still doesn't exist?

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12 hours ago, johnr2347 said:

I'm no programmer... but how is this something that still doesn't exist?

Far as I know you're the first person to raise it as an issue,  so the team's attention may have been elsewhere...

Just for the avoidance of doubt - this is a -mainly- user-supported Forum. We offer information and suggestions from our collective experience, though Evernote staffers do read the posts here.  Evernote tend not to comment on when or whether any given bug might be cleared or when features will be added.

That said, they're in process of revising the UX completely (we understand) so the next iteration,  due out this year, may suit your needs more closely.  If not,  and this feature request gets enough votes,  you might find it happening in due course!

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