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Internal Links paste in other desktop apps as weblinks

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I used to regularly link from my task manager and other inform management tools and documents to local evernote entries.  eg evernote:///view/987000/s8/21f000-64e9-483b-97af-05ab2b40000/1111514-64e9-483b-97af-05ab2b40000/

I used to be able to simply use the 'Copy Internal Link' command, and then paste it into another application document, note etc. 

But now these links are pasted as cloud links (this only happens outside of Evernote - internally the links are as above - if you use 'edit' to look at them), eg https://www.evernote.com/sharx/s8/en/98111/1111514-64e9-483c-97af-05ab2b40000

Is there a keyboard short cut or something so that I can still do a simple copy and past sequence, and not have to "copy - paste into evernote, -edit, copy the text of the internal link - delete entry used for this step - paste actual internal link into other app" sequence?



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On 8/6/2020 at 12:40 AM, Grant837 said:

Is there a keyboard short cut or something so that I can still do a simple copy and paste sequence

To force the in-app link to be copied to the clipbboard   
in Windows, hold down Ctrl while clicking Copy Internal Link (Option key on a Mac)

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17 hours ago, Grant837 said:

Is there a keyboard short cut or something so that I can still do a simple copy and past sequence

It use to be that I would generate the link using EN-Web (the old version) then paste into another online site e.g. Asana, which was a pain, as 98% of the time I use EN-desktop for Windows.  But it ensured that when I clicked the links, embedded in other websites, it opened my note locally on EN-desktop, and not EN-web.  However that no longer appears to work!  So the only solution left is the one you mentioned, which is much simpler than my old method, thanks for that, so simple, but still short of being ideal.  I tried DTLow's suggestion above, but that did not work for me.

Here are some posts I read when trying to get this handled some time ago...maybe the answer is there

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also... instead of pasting the link into your EN-note, edit, copy the internal link text, then delete the link entry from the note... you could just have MS Notepad open, and paste there. 

BUT the strange thing is, that if you generate a link by 1) clicking  Menu> Note> Copy Internal Link  vs  2) doing CTRL+ALT+L the links pasted to Notepad are different!  weird. One is internal, the other points to EN-Web

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